Revive by ARk

We aim to give you the healthiest, most sustainable vegetables and fruits both for your body

Est. 2020

What makes us different

100% Plant based organic food

Staying at Explorers Hub is always an incredible experience. Our latest farm-to-table restaurant offers food that is exquisite both in flavor and presentation, making this an experience for the culinary adventurer.

The Relaxed ambience

Tranquil outdoor space

Spicy, yummy & Tasty

Featured Meals

The Chefs and staff of our Restaurant picks the best vegan recipes for you every weekend. This time we have really special for you.


Tilapia Ceviche

Freshly Sourced Tilapia Fillet / Tomato / English Cucumber / Onions / Cilantro / Olive Oil and Dash of Lemon Zest


Blackened Samaki Filet

Grilled Tilapia / Mustard / Cumin / Paprika / Dill / House Salad / Choice of Side


Roasted Rosemary Baby Potatoes

Baby Potatoes / Rosemary / Olive Oil / Salt & Pepper / Vegan Aioli


Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken

Grilled Half Chicken / Rosemary / Thyme / Lemon Juice / House Salad / Choice of Side


Field Falafel Salad

Seasonal Salad Mix / Cucumber Mix / Pickled Red Onion / Avocado / Feta Cheese


Decadent Pork Ribs

Braised Ribs / Glazed in Rosemary / Thyme / Garlic / Sweet & Sour Sauce / House Salad / Choice of Side

experience Service by

unique Staff

Our REVIVE movement spans everything from the farm right to the table. Its our way of describing a community food system

take-away menu

Friendly staff were keen to serve. Enjoyed the unusual salad in edible pastry bowl. Only negative is that it took over 30 minutes to reach the table. (I ordered salad as I thought it would be quick. There was no-one else in restaurant). The food and detox smoothie were very good.

Charlotte Beauvoisin
Diary of a Muzungu